Younger Persons Support Group

The Yorkshire and Humberside Younger Persons Support Group (YPSG) is aimed at people with Parkinson's who are of working age. This group is run and managed entirely by volunteers, all who have Parkinson’s. We are part of a regional network that Parkinson's UK operate. Our objectives are:

  • holding quarterly meetings or events
  • have a representative in each major town to be a local contact
  • fundraiser to support our activities.
  • establish an information service
  • distribution of newsletter

The Parkinson's UK charity has a professional team that provides a range of support and information services for people with Parkinson's, health and social care professionals, carers, and individuals or groups who may want to volunteer or support our work.

Information and support

Parkinson's UK's Local Advisers provide one-to-one information and support to people with Parkinson's, their families and carers. This may include benefits advice, emotional support and links to local and other services. A list of Local Advisers are here

Branch and volunteer support

There are over 22 local groups in Yorkshire and Humberside, providing a local network of support for people affected by Parkinson's. Groups meet regularly and hold regular events including social activities, fundraising events, exercise classes and more. Parkinson's UK's branch and volunteer support officer can put you in touch with groups in your area.

To find out more, contact: Rose Crawley - Volunteer  Coordinator - Yorkshire & Humberside 
Tel: 0844 225 3634 Email:

For details on Grants support from Parkinson's UK see here.

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